What does CineGrid provide members?

  • CineGrid offers members an integrative approach to promote funding and to provide a framework for groundbreaking digital media experiments
  • CineGrid provides a forum for members to exchange information and cultivates professional communities through workshops, demonstrations and other events
  • CineGrid offers members access to CineGrid Exchange digital media content in various formats, with the content collected, archived, restored and/or produced live by CineGrid members and other cooperating organizations. CineGrid Exchange content may include artistic, entertainment, scientific, educational and documentary materials that can be used by CineGrid members non-commercially with documented permissions from copyright holders as appropriate
  • CineGrid may also engage in grant-giving activities to promote research, education and public/professional awareness of digital media applications running over next generation optical networks
  • While CineGrid does not “own” any networks itself, the CineGrid networking infrastructure is generously made available by CineGrid members and other cooperating organizations that operate research and educational photonic networks around the world. These networks have been designed to support scientific research and educational applications on a regional, national and international scope. Leaders within the research community, recognizing that digital media applications are potentially an important new use for networks, have agreed to support CineGrid by opening their networks on a limited basis for approved CineGrid projects
  • CineGrid sponsored projects will be able to utilize both Layer 2 (Ethernet VLAN) and Layer 3 (TCP/IP) connectivity, with a networking research focus on experimentally testing Layer 2 point-to-point connectivity techniques and methodologies to create so-called “LambdaGrids” optimized for extreme digital media applications