What are the guidelines for CineGrid project proposals?

  • CineGrid members can propose CineGrid projects which are non-commercial or pre-commercial, such as field trials, proof-of-concept demonstrations, technology test bed experiments or first-of-a-kind remote collaborations
  • CineGrid projects can explore all kinds of distributed media production, remote mentoring, remote-controlled scientific research, interactive collaboration and international cultural exchange not possible without a global high-speed networking infrastructure

  • All CineGrid projects should incorporate significant practical, research, experimental or educational aspects that can be reported to other CineGrid members through presentations at CineGrid workshops and via CineGrid Exchange remote sessions. CineGrid Working Groups provide an additional forum for ongoing discussions of projects

  • All CineGrid members will be asked to register all projects with the CineGrid Project Review Committee, by filling out a web-based project information form describing the principal investigators and participating organizations, the nature of the project, network resources required, and other relevant details

  • In order to increase awareness of CineGrid activities, all projects operated by CineGrid members under the CineGrid “umbrella” will be listed on the CineGrid website

  • CineGrid members requiring assistance with a project should submit a supplemental project proposal to the CineGrid Project Review Committee outlining their goals, what resources they can bring to the project,what additional resources they require, and whatever assistance they desire from the CineGrid community. Proposals will be evaluated on merit, innovation, scope, focus, and feasibility.

  • The Review Committee has the authority to accept/reject proposals, assess special CineGrid fees on a case-by-case basis, and/or allocate CineGrid grants when available. As appropriate, the Review Committee may suggest modification of proposals or recommend collaboration with other CineGrid members

  • A CineGrid project needs to involve two or more CineGrid members

  • The CineGrid name and logo can only be used to describe projects that have been accepted by the CineGrid project Review Committee