What are possible CineGrid project topics?

  • Mastering of content for secure distribution at highest quality
  • Pre-production collaborative design & planning
  • Digital dailies, interactive viewing & mark-up
  • Distributed post production for both picture and sound
  • Digital archiving, digital film restoration and long-term preservation of digital media
  • Quality assessment and quality control of digital sound and picture
  • Education and mentoring of next generation media professionals
  • Remote lectures and interactive teaching
  • Interactive telepresence
  • Collaborative workspace design
  • Collaborative research with an emphasis on access to remote data visualization
  • Joint development of training methodologies
  • Live performance multicasting

CineGrid projects should promote development and deployment of technologies that include but are not limited to:

  • Secure distribution - file transfer and streaming, multicasting, scheduling, session management, protocols, security, anti-piracy and codecs
  • Interactive video conferencing over IP using HD or SHD
  • Terabit LAN architectures based on 1GigE and 10GigE
  • Fast, scalable storage for Terabit LAN workgroups
  • Networked visualization architectures for remote file analysis or enhancement
  • Networked digital active archives of cinema and television for education and media research, including research of file formats, metadata, media longevity
  • Image evaluation techniques and research into perception of very high quality media, including calibration and color management
  • Advanced display technologies including: direct view and projection, mono and stereo, cinema and video, monolithic and tiled

CineGrid Working Groups (WG) have been initially defined to cover

  • WG1. CineGrid Network R&D
  • WG2. Building the CineGrid Infrastructure
  • WG3. Networked Audio Solutions
  • WG4. CineGrid Archive, Preservation, Restoration & Exchange Program
  • WG5. Digital Filmmaking
  • WG6. Advanced Picture & Sound Systems: 4K and Beyond
  • WG7. Distance Learning, Remote Mentoring and Training for Digital Media