Wiki Instructions

Wiki Instructions

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New to wikis or a wiki maverick? We think all CineGrid members will benefit from this brief wiki overview and invitation to contribute. Here, we'll be beginning to build the premiere 'information encyclopedia' on the topics CineGrid is concerned about day-to-day.

Keep in mind that you are already logged into the wiki once you're logged in to CineGrid. This holds true for the forums as well, a good place for discussion of those topics them set in the wiki as an encyclopedia of information.

Where to find CineGrid's wiki

You must log in on the CineGrid Web site, and there it will show up in the left-and navigation bar.

Click here for the overview

Table of contents

Now click the TABLE OF CONTENTS on the Main Wiki page. This is the official CineGrid Wiki table of contents, a starting point for all of your content.

Copying content from other wiki pages

Each of those red pages is blank. Take a look at the TCP/IP page so that you can see a populated page. See those tabs tight at the top of the Internet Protocol Suite title I found? When you find it, click “edit” or “edit this page”.

CineGrid Wiki

Then, you "edit' your CineGrid page and copy and paste the content inside the area open for editing. You probably have your own content, but it's okay to borrow.

Adding image files and other files

Add images using the Wiki File Repository selection under the CineGrid Wiki menu. Refer to these using the [Image:picture.jpg] reference technique. Add other files to the CineGrid File Repository.

More help

Review the following additional wiki training for more information and don't be afraid to contribute! Wiki pages are not written in stone and by nature designed to invite contribution and collboration, all in the name of accuracy.

A link to the following page is here.

CineGrid Wiki

CineGrid Wiki

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