USCD Calit2 "Project Greenlight" wins CENIC award for Experimental/Developental Applications

Experimental/Developmental Applications: Project GreenLight

According to The Climate Group's Smart 2020 report released in June of last year, the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry's carbon footprint is equal to that of the airline industry. However, wise application of ICT across all sectors could create a reduction in our overall carbon footprint by as much as five times the ICT industry's own footprint. Such news sounds a call to action for everyone, but for researchers at Calit2, it's also a unique call to innovation. They have initiatedProject GreenLight to discover creative ways to ensure that the next generation of data centers supports a sustainable lifestyle and that the research sectors that use them are aware of the issues surrounding carbon-thrifty computing. Not only will the hardware and software itself be studied to determine how best they can be optimized, but the equally crucial factors of cooling and structural engineering will be studied in depth along with applications from a myriad of data-intensive disciplines. Project Green