Networked applications and technology demonstrated at CineGrid 2008 Workshop

CineGrid Workshop Networked Applications and Technology

Here is list of 4 demonstrations at the CineGrid International Workshop in December.

1) Telematics for Distributed Collaborative Audio Post-Production  
    UCSD/Calit2, UCI/Calit2, University of Washington/Research Channel, Skywalker Sound
    Networked Post-Production Mix Theater Demonstration overview - Nathan Brock, UCSD/Calit2
2) 4K Multi-point Telepresence for Remote Collaboration
    NTT Network Innovation Labs, Keio/DMC
3) 2K/HD 4:4:4 Uncompressed Streaming and 4K/60P J2K Streaming
    NTT Network Innovation Labs, Keio/DMC
4) 4K Stereo Computer Graphics Theater: pre-rendered playback and real-time interactive 
    UCSD/CRCA, UCSD/Calit2, JVC America, Zaxel, UIUC/NCSA