First Annual CineGrid International Workshop Held at Calit2

San Diego, CA, December 17, 2006  -- The first CineGrid International Workshop was a big hit. The two-day event was webcast and the talks and panel discussions are now available for on-demand viewing. 

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    Thursday, December 14, 2006
Laurin Herr Intro
Introductory Remarks
Laurin Herr, Conference Chair
President, Pacific Interface, Inc.
Length: 16:12 [video]
Larry Smarr  
Keynote: CineGrid 4K Demonstration
Larry Smarr, Director, Calit2
[Video not currently available ]
Length: 21:49
Panel   Panel: Lessons Learned from CineGrid @ AES
Natalie Van Osdol (Moderator); (l-r) Peter Otto, UCSD/CRCA; Kunitake Kaneko, Keio/DMC; Craig Mirkin, ILM; Steve Morris, Skywalker Sound; Brian Dunne, UCSD/Calit2; Todd Margolis, UCSD/CRCA; Jurgen Schulze, UCSD/Calit2.
Length: 44:47  [video]
Tom DeFanti CineGrid   Building the CineGrid Infrastructure - Part One 
Tom DeFanti
Director of Visualization, UCSD/Calit2
Length: 18:44  [video]
Naohisa Ohta, Keio/DMC CineGrid   Building the CineGrid Infrastructure - Part Two
Naohisa Ohta
Director, Keio University/Digital Media & Content
Length: 12:41  [video]
DeFanti Ohta Q and A   Building the CineGrid Infrastructure - Q&A
Laurin Herr (Moderator); Tom Defanti, UCSD/Calit2; Naohisa Ohta, Keio/DMC.
Length: 12:53  [video]
Laurin Herr   CineGrid Collaborative Structures: Joint Projects and Working Groups
Laurin Herr, Pacific Interface
Length: 5:48  [video] Due to technical difficulties, the last 10 minutes of this presentation are not available.
    Friday, December 15, 2006
Ramesh Rao   Welcome Remarks
Ramesh Rao
Director, UCSD Division, Calit2
Length: 6:11 [video]
Coppola   Overview of CineGrid 
Laurin Herr, Conference Chair
President, Pacific Interface, Inc.
[Video not currently available.] Length: 10:46   
Richard Weinberg, USC   CineGrid: The Media School Perspective 
Richard Weinberg, USC School of Cinematic Arts (Moderator; pictured); (l-r) Paul Hearty, Ryerson University; Robert Ellis Geiger, City University of Hong Kong; Rebecca Allen, UCLA Dept of Design Media Arts; Peter Otto, UCSD/CRCA/Calit2.
Length: 45:52  [video]
Economic Panel  
CineGrid: The Economic Development Perspective
Joaquin Alvarado, SFSU/INGI (Moderator); Bill Hutchinson, Hutchinson Management International (on tape); (l-r) Boris Frochen, PRIME (Paris); Yolanda Benson, State of California Business, Transportation & Housing Authority; Gordon Hanson, UCSD.
Length: 44:04   [video]
Scientific Visualization Panel  
CineGrid: The Scientific Visualization Perspective 
Larry Smarr, UCSD/UCI/Calit2 (Moderator); (l-r) Jason Leigh, UIC/EVL; Laura Arns, Purdue; Stephen David Beck, Louisiana State; Dan Sandin, Univ of Illinois at Chicago Electronic Visualization Lab.
Length: 35:24  [video]
Hollywood Perspective Panel   CineGrid: The Hollywood Perspective
Laurin Herr, Pacific Interface (Moderator); (l-r) Howard Lukk, Walt Disney Studios; Wendy Aylsworth, Warner Bros.; Steve Kowalski, Sony Pictures Imageworks; Garrett Smith, Paramount Pictures.
Length: 48:56    [video]
Research Network Perspective   CineGrid: The Research Network Perspective
Maxine Brown, UIC/EVL (Moderator); (l-r) John Silvester, USC/CENIC; Peter Marshall, CANARIE;  Walter van Dijk, SURFnet; Tomonori Aoyama, Keio/DMC and Japan Gigabit Network (JGN2); Tom West, National LambdaRail.
Length: 49:06   [video]
Working Group Summaries   Working Group Summary Reports
(In order of appearance) Cees de Laat; Tom DeFanti; Peter Otto; Louise Ledeen; Richard Weinberg; Tom DeFanti; Robert Ellis Geiger.
Length: 1:03:55   [video]
Next Steps  
CineGrid: Next Steps and Discussion
Laurin Herr, Conference Chair
President, Pacific Interface
Length: 27:29  [video]

CineGrid attendees were also treated to a presentation by Sony of its 4K SXRD projection system in the Calit2 Auditorium. Sony sponsored the lunches during CineGrid, while CINE-tal sponsored breakfast on both days. During the workshop, CINE-tal showcased its Cinemage Intelligent Display Server, featuring full resolution, 24" HD monitoring, developed for cinema professionals.