Cyberport and CineGrid Present Hong Kong's First 4K Live Streaming

Cyberport is excited to bring you the world’s most innovative motion picture communications technology – the first CineGrid 4K live streaming demonstration ever shown in Hong Kong. CineGrid co-founders are invited to give the demonstration and explain how their members can cooperate to stream very high quality digital media content “on demand” to Cyberport from different parts of the world.

Experts from NTT Network Innovation Laboratories, who are CineGrid founding members, will also demonstrate how even the live output from next generation 4K/60P digital cameras - with four times the resolution and twice the frame rate of standard HDTV - can be transmitted live over Gigabit networks in real time, at very high quality using JPEG 2000, the same compression technology used for digital cinema distribution to theatres.

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CineGrid's 4th Annual Workshop

Cinegrid   Workshop 2009

Nearly 150 attendees from around the world attended Cinegrid's 4th Annual Workshop: La Jolla, CA - December 6th - 9th, 2009

The workshop included demonstrations on the shaping of the future with digital media. You can see last year's program or log in to view presentations. Cinegrid's 2010 Workshop will also be held in La Jolla, CA on December 13-15, 2010. Registration details to come.

The Cinegrid community is growing. Learn the benefits of membership, take a look at current members and visit the "Join Cinegrid" area of our website for more information and applying for a Cinegrid membership.

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Laurin Herr Delivers Keynote at DELF 210

Seeing 2010
Laurin Herr (Cinegrid co-founder) delivers keynote at the Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (DELF 2010) at Cyberport in Hong Kong - March 23rd, 2010.

Themed on “Seeing 2020: The Next Wave of Digital Creativity”, DELF 2010 examines how the creative industries converge and what factors will influence the future of digital content and media entertainment during the coming decade. Learn more about the forum.

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CANARIE Provides High-Speed Research Network

CANARIEDoctors and researchers working to understand how cancer develops and grows have access to a new tool in their arsenal: by using the power of the CANARIE Network, they can now share their findings and access large, sophisticated data sets from other cancer research institutes around the world through the International Cancer Genome Consortium. The ability to quickly transmit these one terabyte data sets - equivalent to the contents of books made from 50,000 trees - enables Canadian cancer researchers to accelerate their research about a disease that will afflict 40% of women and 45% of men during their lifetimes.

White House Initiative to Spur Student Innovations in Broadband

Tom Kalil and Aneesh Chopra of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy have proposed a new initiative to spur student innovation to develop "killer apps" for broadband networks.  The initiative would involve companies, universities, and students and would take advantage of high-capacity networks such as Internet2 and National LambdaRail. Kalil and Chopra are seeking feedback for their ideas.

The White House blog post is located at

Thanks to Gary Bachula from CineGrid Member Internet2 for bringing this to our attention.

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