The 2007 CineGrid International Workshop was held December 3-5, 2007 at Calit2, UC San Diego. Participants from academia, Hollywood and the consumer electronics industry covered many aspects of digital cinema technology, including the capture, presentation, and distribution methods for 4K digital cinema (which offers four times the resolution of the most widely used high-definition TV standard).Archived webcasts of select panels and talks are now available for on-demand viewing. [Windows Media Player and broadband connection required; click for information on the latest version, and on players for Mac and Linux users ] To watch each video, click on the image or highlighted video link.

Building a CineGrid Node: Sound making/listening

Brian Long, Meyer Sound Laboratories; Peter Otto, UCSD
Length: 16:58 [video]

Building A CineGrid Node: Auditorium Facilities and Audience Environment

Ryan Wyatt, California Academy of Sciences; Tei Iki, Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
Length: 30:53 [video]

Panel: Provisioning CineGrid Connectivity

Bonnie Hurst, RENCI (moderator); Alan Verlo, StarLight/UIC/EVL; Walter van Dijk, SurfNET; Many Ayromlou, Ryerson University Rogers Communications Centre Length: 30:13 [video]

Panel: Exploiting Lambda Capacity for CineGrid ApplicationsPanel: Exploiting Lambda Capacity for CineGrid Applications

Larry Smarr, Calit2 (moderator); Inder Monga, Nortel; Tomonori Aoyama, Keio DMC; Frank Kresin, Waag Society; Jan Gruntorad, CESNET
Length: 45:02 [video]

Panel: Streaming HD, 4K and Beyond

Naohisa Ohta, Keio/DMC (moderator)
iHDTV for HD streaming - Jim DeRoest, UW/Research Channel
1394/IP Gateways for HD streaming – John Beer, Qvidium
JPEG 2000 4K streaming - Tatsuya Fujii, NTT Network Innovations Lab
Uncompressed 4K streaming – Kunitake Kaneko, Keio/DMC
Quad HDTV streaming – Mats Erixon, KTH
VizCasting for Very Large Images – Jason Leigh, UIC/Electronic Visualization Lab
Optical Multicast for Streaming Media – Hervé Guy, CANARIE
Length: 1:32:39 [video]

CineGrid Tutorials: GLIF, GRID, JPEG2000/DCP

Richard Weinberg, USC/SCA (moderator)
Introduction to GLIF & GRID Concepts – Cees de Laat, UvA
Introduction to DCP Compression & Mastering – Jim Whittlesey, Deluxe
Length: 1:22:19 [video]

Panel: Compression Alternatives for HD and 4K

JPEG 2000 Software Encoding – Jim Whittlesey, Deluxe and Michael Marcellin, University of Arizona
AVC/H.264 – Tom McMahon, Broadcom
DIRAC – Peter Wilson, High Definition & Digital Cinema Ltd
GPU-accelerated DXT Compression – Luc Renambot, UIC/ EVL
Real-time Lossless Compression - Norihisa Suzuki, Zaxel
High Quality - Wide Dynamic Range Compression, Gary Demos
Length: 1:34:25 [video]

Panel: Stereoscopy Strategies

Dan Sandin, UIC/EVL (moderator)

Stereo Digital Cinema Strategies
Technology Alternatives for Stereo Digital Cinema – Walt Husak, Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
Mastering, Distributing and Displaying 3D Stereo Digital Cinema Garrett Smith, Paramount Pictures

New Stereoscopy Strategies for Science and Art

Varrier: Stereo Without Glasses – Dan Sandin, UIC/EVL
StarCAVE: Immersive 3D – Greg Dawe, UCSD/Calit2
Length: 1:24:37 Available Soon

Panel: CineGrid for the Arts

Joaquin Alvarado, SFSU/INGI (moderator);  Sheldon Brown, UCSD/CRCA;  Naut Humon, Recombinant  Media,  Harry Schreurs, Dutch Film Academy; Eduardo Navas, Ph. D Graduate Fellow, UCSD
Length: 57:18 [video]

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